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[thirdscape] noun (3) definitions:

1:   a landscape which reconnects us to the rhythms of the natural world

landscape architecture designed with care by Peter Trio while at GLS 

credit to a talented team of architects, designers, engineers, and contractors

see more landscape architecture projects >>

Photography by Joe Fletcher (Kol Emeth), and Bruce Damonte (Mission Bay Affordable Housing).

2:  a collective vision:

  1. defined by a community

  2. proactively planning for a turbulent world 

  3. healing from harms of the past 

  4. manifesting an abundant future for all

          see more planning projects >>

Project above completed by WRT and a talented team of community advocates, engineers, and designers.

3:    artistic expression tapping emotions and the subconscious, inspired by the world and connections to the people that inhabit it

hand drawn digital watercolor on metallic print for sale browse art >>

My name is Peter Trio

I am a Landscape Architect, environmental planner, artist, and storyteller. Born on a farm in southern Minnesota I was privileged to be raised with the rhythm of the seasons and landscape. My education in Architecture and Urban Planning in Milwaukee introduced me to the beauty and complexity of our cities. Berkeley is where I was able to synthesize design with the landscape and become grounded in the social and ecological needs of our changing world. I have been practicing for 8 years in California helping reconnect communities to each other and the natural environment through design, planning, and  storytelling. I continue to be humbled and inspired by our indigenous community who despite the injustice they have suffered, their bond to the land holds strong. My work builds on a lifetime of experiences and collaboration with countless professionals, mentors, community members, and personal relationships.


Plant a tree with me!

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